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PCB Design:

  • The Electronic design called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format. Schematic diagram are constructed according to a number of standard and rules, but the primary function is to explain the circuit design in an easily digestible form.
  • We Specializes in high-performance PCB physical design (layout) while utilizing high-end software programs complemented by leading edge Hardware.
  • Single ended and differential controlled impedance design.
  • Design for manufacturing/test/assembly.
  • Placement of critical components as per customer spec.

PCB Cad-Cam:

  • Checking the specifications, any drawings & Gerber data given by the customer.
  • Making array as per customer drawing to reach customer assembling requirement.
  • Preparing required documentation from received inputs for production, depending upon customer requirements.
  • CAD Drafting Professional with board understanding of Design and Construction process with Exceptional creativity, Problem solving and interpersonal skill.
  • Quote data preparation
  • Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • DFM Optimization
  • Array Creation
  • Penalization
  • AOI, Drill, ET, Rout program for production etc.

PCB Fabrication:

  • A PCB is used to connect electronic components electrically. This is done by making conductive path ways for circuit connections by etching tracks from copper sheet laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.
  • A PCB consists of a conducting layer that is made up of thin copper foil. The insulating layer di-electric is laminated together with epoxy resin prepreg. The most commonly used PCB type is the FR-4. Boards may be single sided or double sided. Double sided PCB can be used to connect electronic components on both sides through through-hole plating. This is done by copper plating the walls of each hole so as to connect the conductive layers of the PCB.

PCB Reverse Engineering:

  • PCB Layout design (Single & double Layers).
  • Component Library creation as per IPC Standard.
  • Design for surface mount, through-hole & mixed technology with QFN, BGA, PGA & fine pitch component.
  • Design as per EMI/EMC requirement.
  • Design for assembly.

PCB Stencil:

  • The primary function of using SMT stencil is to facilitate placing of component on to aboard after a cost of solder paste is applied on it.
  • Framed stencil advantage DFM study for all jobs and can combine command F2 polishing F3 Nano coating & also aperture size accuracy of +5um and positioning accuracy +10um.

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